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Welcome to our quaint little corner of the Internet's World Wide Web. We've got life quotes, life sayings and ideas for happy people. Live for today!

Our philosophy around here is to Make Life Happy!™ and our motto is Live To Be Remarkable™.

Whether it's surfing, playing guitar, sipping fine wine, listening to good music or just hugging your teddy bear, we think every moment in your life is important and should be as remarkable as you can make it.

Happy Idea Guides

We would like to be your sneaker
wearing, fun loving idea guides to help lead you to the ultimate nirvana. We're here to show you what makes people happy!

We will be bringing you happy sayings, life mottos, motivational quotes and stories of how people are making themselves happy.

Think of this as your happy place! Shop our happy store full of Happy Faces, inspirational quotes on t-shirts and other gifts to make you feel good.

a Fresh Squeezed Life

What's a Fresh Squeezed Life™? It's squeezing every minute out of every day and turning that precious time into an adventure, a quest, a thrill, a moment of solitude or some other memorable experience.

Don't waste a drop of time doing things you hate to do or being unhappy. Grab your life and start squeezing today! We'll help you find the juicy things in life.

Read our blog for tips, ideas and suggestions on how to lead a Fresh Squeezed Life


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Cool Success Stories

Make Your Personal Life Happy

Make Life Happy™ in your everyday situations and personal relationships. Learn tips and ideas for positive thinking and creating an upbeat attitude. We'll provide motivational quotes, inspirational sayings and happy aphorisms. Read informative stories of how others are fulfilling and living their dreams.

Being Remarkable In Your Job or Business

Are you a customer favorite? Does your business succeed by word of mouth? What makes some people and companies remarkable, while others go virtually unknown? Find out ways in which some businesses have become very remarkable and how they did it. Tips and ideas.

Creating Remarkable Things

Are you racking your brain for the next big thing? We'll bring you unique products and services that we feel are exceptional. We'll try to provide the factors that separate mediocre products from outstanding products. Plus a list of success stories and tips from entrepreneurs.

Inspirational & Motivational Stories and Ideas

Live life like there's no tomorrow. Or as we like to say, "Life is Short, Don't Dilly-Dally™". Find out how others have overcome diversity and come through with a positive outlook on life. Read inspiring stories of how people like you have gone for their dreams and learned to get the most out of life.

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